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Cop Puts Crying Boy in Chokehold, Tells Witnesses “Stop Speaking Spanish!”

Another disturbing video has surfaced of a cop brutalizing a child at school.

A Santa Ana School Police Department officer is at the center of controversy after a concerned citizen, Elvia Fernández, filmed him putting a crying young boy in a chokehold.

In the clip, we see a man at the park yelling “You’re choking him” at an officer as a motionless boy screams “Help me! Help me!” Even though it was filmed in portrait and from a distance on a smartphone, the video clearly captures a cop lying on top of a sobbing child, whose tiny arms are prone on the ground. The cop’s arm is around the boy’s neck, as he yells “Stop fighting me,” only to have the boy scream in pain, “I’m not fighting you!”

According to OC Weekly, Elvia Fernández, said the kid looked to be around 10; his wails and pleas definitely peg him as a prepubescent. Fernández tried calming the kid down in a mix of English and Spanish, telling him,“No te muevas”,“Relájate”, and“Aquí estamos nosotros”–”Don’t move”, “Relax,” and “We’re here.”

At which point the cop yells, “Stop speaking Spanish!”

It’s hard to tell how much “brutalizing” is actually taking place, since the cop repeatedly barks orders to keep witnesses from getting too close. 

Toward the end of the video, we see another cop hurry on to the scene. For a brief moment, we hope she’s one of those “good cops” we’re always reminded about that are the alleged majority even though sightings are as elusive as to be cryptozoological… but, unsurprisingly, her role seems to simply be to obscure the action from the cameras.




NYPD’s #myNYPD Twitter campaign backfires spectacularly

Well, that escalated quickly.

What was intended as a feel-good PR campaign morphed into something else entirely when the NYPD called on Twitter users to post photos of themselves posing with their friendly local police officers.

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Just send Castle and Beckett to fix it.

They had to know that was NOT going to go well. They know how many people have filmed and taken pictures of them acting like bullies - did they really think that people were going to publish feel good photos? I don’t even think there are any!

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